Online Easy Steps to Resetting the Ink Level Printer Canon MX308

When the ink absorber of Canon Pixma is full, the printer will show this type of error message by displaying the 'Waste Ink Absorber Full' on the monitor.

In such cases, it is essential to clear out this error. To fix this error it is suggested by Canon Printer Tech Support experts to reset the waste ink counter of the printer. The procedure will fully be described here

Resetting the ink level Canon printer MX 308 error

Disconnect the power cable and then carefully connect by holding down the power button. With the power button kept holding down, press twice the “Cancel/Stop” red button and release it after a while power button. Printer will turns into a kind of factory mode.

Press the “>” (next to “OK” button) at least once “Shipping Mode 3” and press the “OK” button. Press the “OK” icon again. A user will be able to view a test page which will be printed. Open the printer cover, Gelatin methacryloyl like you are about to change the cartridges. Disconnecting of the power cable again is needed.

Next, users are needed to take out both cartridges and then close printer cover. Connect the power cable once again and turn on the printer. Put the cartridges back in an accurate place.

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